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At Cor Phys Allied Health, we provide in-depth regimes designed to enhance everyone’s health – from rehab to athletes at the top of their game.

Sports Lab

Reach your peak physical capability with science-backed methodology. We offer performance testing, analysis and tailored programs for athletes and competitive individuals. We can provide running analysis, skinfolds, meal and race preparation, dynamometer and inclinometer strength testing, and 3D movement screening.

Strength & Conditioning

Our extensive experience working with competitive individuals can offer you a unique approach to improvement. Whether you’re returning to a sport or striving for that next level, our robust and effective strength and conditioning programs are here to help.

Posture & Gait Screen

Have you ever wondered how much your posture or gait affects your ability to perform? Our in-depth analysis provides insights into your body’s capability to adjust to physical stressors. We then identify and treat any restrictions you may be experiencing and offer guidance on improving your performance – from climbing stairs or jumping hurdles.

Post-Op Rehab

The rehabilitation and recovery stage following any operation or procedure is crucial. That’s why we work closely with you to identify any limitations you’re experiencing and determine how we can help you achieve your post-op goals. When you train with us, you gain access to a strength and conditioning gym, sports lab, and hydrotherapy facilities at the forefront of recovery technology.


Hydrotherapy is an exciting form of therapeutic exercise conducted by our team of professionals. We use warm water to assist in pain reduction and improve functionality. Hydrotherapy is a suitable treatment for various conditions such as arthritis, musculoskeletal pain, and sports injuries.

3D Movement Analysis System

This new technology tracks your movements to create a dynamic 3D model of your body. We can identify, correct, and fine-tune your treatment in the blink of an eye. A real-time analysis helps us assess your movement pattern and assists us in developing a tailored training and rehabilitation program for you.

GP Exercise Referral Program

We understand that there are challenges to physical activity and a healthy lifestyle. That’s why we work closely with GPs to develop a program that helps to overcome these barriers. Our program begins with a tailored health plan, followed by an individual exercise program which is conducted in a safe environment. This is concluded by devising a sustainable strategy for better health.

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