About CorPhys Allied Health

You may be wondering how Cor Phys Allied Health differs from our competitors. When we established our business, our key founding principle was service with care. We genuinely strive to see our patients improve in health, recovery, and rehabilitation.

Our Practitioners

Our specialists combine accredited expertise with due diligence to provide exceptional service.

  • Luke Ursino

    Clinic Lead

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  • Michelle Bruce


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  • Shiblee Dowla

    Sports & Exercise Physiotherapist

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  • Michael Ristov

    Exercise Physiologist

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The CorPhys Allied Health Difference

We strive to be at the forefront of technology in our field. We regularly seek new ways to administer effective patient care and support. Whether that’s updated methods of practice such as Exercise Physiology or Dietetics or exploring new ways to promote long-lasting health and performance benefits, including Hydrotherapy and 3D Movement Analysis.

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